Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Yes!! Tomorrow is a public holiday.. i just love holidays... why? Because I don't have to go to my stinking JOB (Jackass Of Boss)! Wah..its funny, i didn't really look forward for holiday in lelong. Come here, so happy even its a saturday. Shit, my life is pathetic. Its strange, its obvious I hate it here, yet I forced myself to come to work each day without making any effort to do anything else. Hmm..its it the economy or am I just too comfortable to look around. My learning curve has ended long time. Now I only carry what I have learn from my previous company. No new input, feel so dumb not knowing whats latest. Bosss take me backkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oledi 25 years old, I have done nothing exciting. Once all my loan documentation is settle, going to throw in my letter. I can't let this go on forever. Gotta switch to Plan B.

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