Monday, April 14, 2003

Last Sunday, I made the biggest investment of my life..I placed a booking for a house. The scary part, I didn't even visit the site. So from today onwards, my life is going to be a mess until I receive my keys to the house, which is like another 2 years. My current neighbour is Anwar Ibrahim.. yup, the ex-deputy prime minister himself. Cool or not? How come? Penjara Sungai Buloh is just opposite my housing area..ahahah! Tricked you! I am hearing horror stories about houses sinking. I just hope everything is ok with my place.

My developer is KL-Kepong, if you hear anything about them, do let me know. So.. I need to settle 10% by next month.. sucks.. so there goes my life long saving. Back to deficit. Life is going to be a real roller coaster now... hang on folks, hope you guys will share my ups and downs.......keep you updated.

Last Saturday, I had to traveled all the way to Wangsa Maju Maybank branch.. sesat sini sesat sana... then at last found it. True, they were giving loan at 32k..but only to car dealers. Nowadays banks are not giving loan to direct buyers.....if home loan, can come to the office to take document, talk so nice, car loan...... we have to hunt for it, so more don't wanna give. Israel betul banks..........

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