Thursday, April 03, 2003

At this very moment, I wish I could just throw in my resignation letter. Why you asked? I am quite pissed at the moment. I am now wasting my time doing worthless documentation. Documentation is a very important part of programming, I agree, but I don't even have a good standard format. I see variables and recordset object being placed in the documentation. Not only that, codes I mean programming ASP codes are there!! WTF???! Stupid stupid.. wasting my time. I can be doing something more productive.

My hard work, right now is being passed to another person. I am pissed. I think I just found out something about me. I am not really a team player. I don't mind more than one person doing programme with, done that in lelong, provided start from the begining and I coordinate what to do. But solely doing it all this while, then suddenly about to finish pass to someone else??! Each program I done, I consider it a baby of mine. No one touches it until I am done. I think Wei understands this before, cause we had a discussion about his issue. So lelong let me do my work, and I make sure they get result. Now.. after soo much time spent just pass to another person to be screwed up!? I did the codes in such a way that the logic can be understood by me only. I have all the masterpiece set. Now only 1 piece is left, and the its going to be screwed up. Superb! Now get pay cut and get job cut....... should have just stayed in lelong........... If I can just express my anger.. there will be choas here...... damn!

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