Monday, April 28, 2003

Terrible day today... I got alot of stories, but I need to catch my breath... let me start today.
9.30 AM - Bank open. Today is the day where I settle all the documentation related to the car. The car still in good condition. I signed countless of documents which I don't even know what I am signing. Banker took the car pics, sadly using a cheap Nikon camera. I needed to pay extra RM 1,600 for insurance and JPJ. Arrghhh!! But they wanted in cash. After all the signing, I just the owner "Take care of the car ahhh" I just hope he doesn't lanyak the car. Then rush to Maybank...argghh can take out RM 1000 a day only. Shit, wanted to transfer money to another account, can't remember what was the account number.

11.00 AM - Got a call from a "The Colleague", asking where was I ? ahhh...I thought Boss oledi give me permission to come in late. Didn't he tell you? I did a mistake by telling I was in a bank..doing some banking stuff. Later got to know another colleague said "Like this I also can go bank and come in latelah"... duhh this person never realiase that she has been doing exactly that so many times before. Only one day I am late WITH permission WITH A REASON, ppl make issue out of it. Infact I am in the office early each day. Before 8.20AM I am in. Sigh...funny how small ppl make a fuss when the big ppl are ok. This is one of the things I miss working in Lelong, the flexibility. My previous boss or my ex-collegues, would never make a fuss . Note to "The Colleague - I ain't referring to you, but the one behind me."
Come in the office and did the transfer. I gotta go out again during lunch to take out money.

1-2 PM - Shit, can't find any parking in Damansara Maybank. 2-3 rounds, no parking. Runnning out of time. Go to Kelana Jaya... shit long queue. No place to park either. When back home, took extra cash and park and friend's place. Walk to BCB Giant, need to take out extra RM 700 more. BCB ATM long queue.......ahh luckily Public Bank has a short queue. Kena RM 1 for MEPS, don't care. Managed to take out, saw the banker, handed over the cash, get the receipt and then cabut. Travelling time to office took about 15 minutes. Aiya..left my tag at home..dang.......

Now i am at office, tired and exhausted. About the last week story, later I write lor.......gotta get back to work.

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