Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Day 1 (mid day)

One of the Dungeon Keeper flooded me with more slavery job to do, I am doomed...... with my tired and exhausted limbs..I proceeded on. Now the ration of those bread crumb that they throw on the filthy roaches invested sewerage water in my dungeon has been cut.......I am straving, yet more work to be done.....have these ghouls have no mercy?

My fellow dungeon mate who lives across few cells aways passed me an escape plan. In the darkness, I ponder upon the plan, the plan looks exciting, but its an escape to another dungeon nearby. Perhaps I can sneak out after all.........lets wait till the ghouls are asleep.........

BTW:- All the characters and story here are fiction and does not resemble those who are living or dead. aiikkk! (Ali G style)

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