Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Just to make things clear, the words in italic is my little fiction story of my Great Escape from The Dungeon, while the normal wording are my normal life.
Hmm, my banker is sick, so I won't be getting my car my Sat after all. Going to see the bank with the car on Monday instead, but the seller refuse to hand over the car till its all complete, now that is going to take another 2 weeks. hmm...gotta call him again later its really unfair, when you have signed with the bank and your car is not hand over yet.

Day 2
Lack of energy today, not active in my escape plan, perhaps one of the Dungeon Keeper found out my plans, hope they are not poisoning me slowly. Continue today to do my dreaded slavery work. Hoping for a chance to escape or perhaps a saviour. The last council gathering, (yes, we slave are allowed to attend council gatherings, but most of the time we get wipped), the ghouls are pushing for more work and faster. More and more things are forced upon us... ohh yes, the ghouls have soften abit, perhaps the bread crumb rationing will be increased abit depending on how much gold we have mined for them.....

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