Wednesday, April 02, 2003

The Star today featured 3 pages on the SARS virus. 7 suspected cases in Klang Valley and 1 in Johor. From no cases, suddenly got 8 cases? Also reported surgical mask are snapping up quite fast. I believe the government has bought a substantial amount from them. There few type, the N100 type is the best and recommended by WHO, believe its out of stock. I believe there is a shortage of mask in Malaysia as all the mask being sent to Middle East. As usual government will not tell the truth in order not to create chaos, but I find it hard to believe with 50,000 ppl travelling in and out of Singapore and there is no Malaysian with SARS? Wahh.. Malaysian anti-body so powerful one.......

If you look at jeffooi's blog, you will notice that the government has placed a gag order on hospitals and medias. So technically, we will not be getting any news on the SARS virus without being edited first by the government.

Most of my friends or ppl I met are not aware or even concern about his virus. Some of them looked puzzled when I mention SARS. Can't believe how ignorant some ppl are? These virus is airborne and is a mutated version of the common cold virus - I believe. It is very similar to our Nipah virus. I hope you guys take serious on these issue. Yes, if you are fated to die, you will die. So its like why take the bridge to cross the road when you can just dash across? Can you guarantee that you can cross safely? Its all about prevention, you can get it and not die, but cause alot of other bodily failure. Are you willing to take the risk?

There is site on In-Tech yesterday about the virus. I forgot whats the site URL. Just avoid public places, hospital and ppl with flu like symptoms. I am having abit sore throat.. hmm I was in a room with 2 Singaporean yestedays......yikes!

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