Tuesday, April 01, 2003

How I wish my pay cut was a April Fool joke! My boss did mention about working only 5 days a week. But nothing official yet. At least if its true then some kindda of compensationlah... 9.30 AM got Product Training. We sell those CONOCO Hydroclear motor oil. Anybody wants just msg me. Can get staff price for you. I forgot to bring my wallet today.. superb! And I borrowed RM 10 from my boss yesterday cause forgot to take out money from ATM!!! arghhh!!! I am sooooo forgetful!!! I need gingko......just for your information, begining today you can only withdraw cash 4 times from Maybank ATM, the 5th transaction will be charged RM 0.50. Be warned!

There is this sudden scare of SARS. My company bought 50 boxes of mask. I bought one. The price is jumping up like mad. Read today's paper, Health Ministry says not to panic and there is no cases of SARS in Malaysia. Kindda hard for me to believe it when Singapore is so close to us and there is a huge amount of traffic in and out of Malaysia-Singapore. Just taking precautions, life is more important.

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