Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I was so sleepy this morning that I just didn't want to get up. My eyes are all red now. Since I have only 2 days of leave, I can't afford to take leave. Sigh.. forced myself to work. Chances of falling a sleep in the office is high. Not bad, no jam. I clocked in at 8.10 AM. I am getting so old. After swipping my tag, I forgot the pin number. I can't even remember it until now. Just one day I didn't use my card and puff goes the number.

Day 8
Ohh...no news from my the other dungeon keeper yet. Me chances of escaping looks pretty bleak. Its terrible terrible slaving here. Perhaps its time a slave becomes a warrior. A slave becomes a master. Ohh..how me wish it was easy. Me getting old each day as moon passes, but still a slave. Me have to escape before me becomes rotten bones here.

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