Monday, April 28, 2003

Okie...another update. I official decided to cancel my house in Sungai Buloh. I haven't submitted the letter yet, but most probably my RM 500 will be forfertied. Sad..but better losing RM 500 than losing alot more. Hope to get at least a portain of it back.

Instead, I have booked a rather small apartment in Puchong. Its about 850sq and its abit in, but not so ulu like the one above. Within the same area there were huge houses like 24x80.. man its big. But the price was like RM 333,000 ++ . My apartment was like slightly above RM 100K. It will take 3 years to complete, so in the mean time I will be around here. Perhaps in the near future, save up some money and get another bigger house in Putrajaya or somewhere around here.

I visited Purtajaya the other day.. I am totally IMPRESSED by the development. The office building are so uniquely designed, the houses are nice, the road and garden.. just beautiful. But property is soo expensive there. Lets thats like another few years to think about.

Okie..its official. I am broke! Back to ground zero. My ex-collegues are bugging for me for pizza.... Oledi pay is cut. ahahh.. well don't worry you will get ur pizza. have to start all over again.

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