Thursday, April 03, 2003

I was on MC yesterday.. suspected........... viral infection tadaa! Nothing seriouslah.... just a little sore throat. Cleared up today. Feeling much better. Now it seems there is 56 suspected cases of SARS... ah??? From 8 to 56? How is that?

The doctor I met was a really nice chap. Quite IT literate also. Had a internet connected PC in his office. You don't see much clinic having that... not bad. He was quite worried about the SARS. He showed me some PDF file about the infection in Hong Kong and symptoms. According to him, the medication available at the moment can cure up to 80%. Ppl in the medical field are developing the vaccin as we speak. That is good news, but I don't know how true is it. I really hope they will come out with a vaccin.

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