Monday, October 09, 2017

WhatsApp Desktop and Web Not Working

For the past few days I had problem connecting to the Whatsapp Desktop/Web with my iPhone. After opening the WhatsApp Desktop, it loads the latest messages, however when I try to click on the past messages, it just goes into an infinite loop. And I get this yellow bar on top with the message "Phone Not Connecting" or "Phone Has No Internet Connection" or something.. hello.. it's connected to my WiFi. My phone works just fine.

However I am able to receive WhatsApp messages and reply them on my phone fine.

After cracking my head for few days, I found the solution. If you have a similar issue you can try this method. I tweeted about this, so I am just going to copy and paste it here.

Step 1 - Backup the WhatsApp chat to your iCloud.
Step 2 - Delete the WhatsApp app on the phone.
Step 3 - Download the app again, do not click Restore.
8 Oct 2017, 11:18 PM
Step 4 - Open WhatsApp Desktop, for some reason, it connects magnificently.
Step 5 - Delete app on phone again
8 Oct 2017, 11:19 PM
Step 6 - Install the app and now click on the Restore your back.
Step 7 - Open up WhatsApp Desktop
Step 8 - Voila, its work. Crazy I know…

8 Oct 2017, 11:21 PM

Hopefully it works for you. I had about 8GB of whatsapp content, so I am guessing that could be the issue.

Spoke too soon. Just after an hour, it went back to the crazy loop. Each time it's trying to load the history of conversations, it goes into this crazy loop. 

Its happening again after a successful restore. Maybe, just maybe because of the 8GB restore.

Update Part 2
Yes, it's confirmed. It's due to the size of my messages. I went back to step 1 till 5, except I didn't restore this time around. WhatsApp desktop works fine. So looks like if you hit a certain size threshold, it will just stop working. Hmm... now I can't restore all the history and I have no clue what was my previous conversation about.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare - Tools of Shaytan?

While watching a lecture by Ustaz Mahmud from YAMTV, I just realized something important. He was speaking about Riak and Facebook/Twitter.

Below is excerpt from the talk.

"Riak is a hidden shirk" - Hadith. Hidden in the sense of liking it to a black ant on a black rock.

"Allah SWT will not accept any deed from His servants unless it's done purely for Allah SWT." - Hadith

'Riak' is the greatest disease befallen to the ummah. What is Riak? Show off / Pride.  Opposite word of "Riak" is "Ikhlas" which is sincere.

The nature of nafs 'Amarah' is the need to show off our wealth, education, knowledge, children, vacation, gifts and such. The kufar have invented Facebook and Twitter. 

My thoughts:-

It's a possible the best device created by shaytan to put many of us into state of Riak without realising it. Shaytan makes us think that we are good muslim but actually we doing riak. Without realising we post up our new gadgets/toys/vacation/handbag and refreshing ridiculous amount of time seeing how many likes we get. That's riak.

Abd Allah ibn Mas'ud said that the Prophet said - "He will not enter the Garden of Paradise who has an atom's worth of pride in his heart".

**Disclaimer - I am putting this out as a reminder especially to myself. I too didn't realize I was doing this. Use social media wisely. Use it for dakwah/for good of mankind but don't fall into shaytan's trap. I am not trying to act like shaykh but this revelation is really disturbing to me that I felt I needed to share.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Trying to Lose Weight... Again!?

For those who know me well, you would know that I have been struggling to lose weight and build muscle for ages. In fact I have stopped blogging about fitness for many years now.

I can give you various excuses such as work, time, baby, personal issue, family and the list goes on and on. Every bloody year I make the same resolutions. Nothing changes. I gain weight every single year and my cholesterol level doesn't look good either.

Last months or so, I found out about Herbalife through my relative. I was quite curious about it as he had some success. So I wanted to try it out and document a honest review of the product. So I started a new blog site - If it works out, I will continue to update fitness and weight loss related post on the website. Check it out.