Monday, March 31, 2003

Weekend.. hmm... quite exciting. Let me narrate it.
Day:Saturday Night
Location:Secret lor............
Time:12.30 AM.
Activity: Watch "legal" car race.......... I think I am self inflicting myself here.

Story: Among all the sat races, this was the most exciting. As usual there was the regular mod Proton/Kelisa/Kancil running around. Nothing exciting. Today we took a grand stand place watching the race rather the normal sitting in the restaurant by the road. Later on, Wira 1.8, 3 Honda Civic Type R (I think, didn't check engine) was on the road. That was exciting. They were burning rubber like fell. Speeds like 160 km/h. The first few round, Honda took 1 and 2 place. This Wira 1.8 is a real lunatic. While speeding he took a cut infront of Honda and the gab was so small, only a bicycle and fit it. Infront of it was another Proton Perdana (innocent victim). If a small calculation mistake would cause all 4 cars terbalik. The exhaust sound from Honda was electrifying. Not bad the Wira can catch with Type R.

We decided to move to another location where cars have to make a huge turn. Thinking we would see have a better driving skills in taking lap. Unfortunately by the time we got there, all the Honda/Wira was going into the "pit". But we managed to catch another Honda/Iswara and Perdana. Ohh.. forgot to mention. Mazda RX7 and Fiat was there. There was this Honda Accord with the most weird looking exhaust, like 2 Buffalo horns. Serious... exhaust made of pipe and sticking out of the car like bloody horns... sesshss....

Then suddenly we saw ppl running........ahh? Whats going on... slowly a police patrol was cruising along. The funny part is those cars was actually zooming pass this police car. But nothing happen, the patrol car just passed us. Then suddenly a Honda Civic (The 2st generation), was speeding while taking a lap (Where we were), all the sudden the car lost control, took a 360 turn, the turn cause the car to flip, but thanks to the road divider, it hit the divider, almost wanted to flip the other side but then come landing down safely. If it was not for the divider, the car would be heading straight to us. The driver and co-driver was ok. Before we could even discuss about the issue, a police siren come blaring down the road. The next thing I knew, ppl was running like mad rush. In a instant action, I took off... ran to the friends was behind me... hehehe. ... got in the car. The patrol car come into our side but luckily didn't come into the junction I was in but blocked the other cars Infront of us. My car got problem starting... ahhh panic. Managed to get it start, reverse, and chow..........! Escaped! Else I would be spending my night in lockup. There was this definite adrenaline was exciting but scary. Later took another drive to the area. Clean.. no one was around. The car was still there, driver, co-driver missing. Another week gone... ughhhhh sleeply lah........

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