Thursday, March 20, 2003

The war has begun!! Damn...... I wish it could be avoided... unfortunely US needs the oil... I wonder how those ppl who voted for Bush is reacting now.

At the local front, didn't get to see the car yesterday. Owner pulled out the last minute. Anyway.. thinking of buying house first then talk about car. Guess what, my collegue here has been reading my blog quietly all this while. I know ur reading this. Well life sux doesn't it?

But its not stopping me in writing what I feel. If I hate it here, I hate here. If I like it here, I like here. As long I deliver my result everyone is happy right? How mine job now? Still sux big time, but getting to learn something new recently which is abit interesting. As long there is a learning period then I am happy. Doing the same damn ASP programme for 4-5 year really sux man.........

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