Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Trip to Tioman

OK... here is my trip journal........ My trip to Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia.
All the photos haven't been sent to develop yet.. will keep you guys informed on the pixs.

The night before Day 1:
My ATM card got stuck! Duhh! Is this a sign of bad luck?

Day 1 (The beginning):
Left home at 6.30 AM. Headed down to Sg. Besi highway. The journey was fast. Stopped at Ayer Keroh Restoran Jejantas, I didn't know they had this here. Thanks to a fellow in, he provided me a detail map in getting to Mershing.

I turn off Ayer Itam exit. The roads were ok, but its a 2 lane winding road. After passing all the town, turned into a road heading to Mershing. Its like 100 KM! What! The road was horrible, which moron suggested me to drive? The whole 100 KM journey was bad. It was a only 2 lane road with only plantation on the sides of the road. If I were to die here, not one would notice it. I was already regretting in not taking the flight now. I speed all the way till finally I reached civilization. It was Mershing town.

The official parking place was full! I had to park at someone's house. RM 5 per day. Next, I had to pay a stupid tax RM 10. Next, getting a boat. I was there about 12.30PM, the next one is at 1.30 PM. Because of the low tide, the speedboat only managed to leave about 2.30-2.45 PM. The first hour was horrible, the boat had to move like negative 5 KM per hour because of the low tide. Passenger was asked to stand till the front of the boat to balance up the boat! After an hour standing, we managed to enter deep water. Then the speedboat was really speeding (we were jumping up and down against the wave, that was fun!)

Managed to reach Berjaya at 5.00 PM. Finally! Checked in, the ppl was very nice! Room was ok only, not as in the pic below! Took a bath, then had a rest. Night, we went and had an expensive yet not tasty dinner in the hotel. Later just hanged around and slept.. too exhausted from the journey.

Day 2 (The middle):
We met this family couple in the Jetty. They suggest we go to the marine park in the morning. So we did follow them to the marine park. Before that we saw those lazy monitor lizards at the park within the hotel. Boy, the marine water was quite clear. We saw alot of fishes. We bought some bread crumbs and just threw the bread to the sea area. Man, this fishes are all well fed. Alot colourful ones. All of them were fighting for the food. Since we didn't know how to swim, we didn't try to swim with the fishes. Went down the the beach and just hang around. Had lunch and headed back. In the evening we went around the beach and later hang around in the wading pool. Later at night, we went of for dinner, yuck food! Come back and eat again.

Day 3(Almost the end)
The most fun day! We went snorkeling! The first island, we were taught how to breath with the mask and swim around. The problem is we both don't know how to swim, the more we tried to swim the more we were not getting anywhere! It was funny. The poor boatman had to swim along with us in order for us to see the coral. Its was a nice experience.

The next stop was rather deep. A bit of hesitance to get down. Once we got comfortable with its was a nice view. Huge corals! Fishes was practically swimming beside us.

Third stop was lunch time, food was nice and cheap.4th stop was Marine park. This time close up with those fishes again. 5th stop was Renggis Island. We started to get a hang of it, swim across saw alot of corals and fishes. There was one incident I can't forget which was the was a fish that actually swim across me and turned around and look at me. I was startled and I started laughing. That was funny!

Then finally back to the hotel. I wished I could swim. You really need to know how to swim in order to enjoy snorkeling. Soon I hope. Next time I hope to go diving.

Back to the room. Now our body was aching from the swim. Its no joke. Its really painful this today. At night, we went to a restaurant recommended by the boatman. Man he was right, it was nice and clean place. We had a huge fish... boy I was full till the night!

Day 4 (The end)
We changed our return boat time from 12 to 9.30. We waited and waited and waited. But first boat refuse to take us and the second one didn't even stop. Finally got a boat on the 12.30 PM. There was this American couple waited the same time as us but didn't get on the boat. They didn't had tickets, someone pass them wrong information. I wonder how are they now? Reached jetty at 2 PM. The homeowner was waiting for me. Good! Got in my car and head back home. Reached home at 7 PM.

Overall this was a very exciting, non-stop activity vacation for me. The main purpose was to relax here, but ended up doing alot things. I am quite happy with this vacation compare to the rest. Head to tioman! But please take a flight!

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