Monday, March 17, 2003

Monday.....! Sigh.... I hate coming in. Did you know that you spend 8 hours of your most important part of the day sitting in a cubicle doing downright ridiculous thing? Well for my case at least. That 8 hours is the only time when ur fresh and ready to go and you have to spend it or rather waste doing things you don't want to do for a
bigger moron. Why... its about the money money money !(poetic ammo tune here)

Now how I wish I can quit my job.... monday blues. Spend my days in the Caribbean.... looking at hot mamas....ahhh....... thats a life worth spending. On a serious note, I mean.. ask yourself, you like what you doing now? I envy those American backpackers. I travel and experience a whole lot compare to us, even though working in a bar or something to earn abit just to get along... but they really enjoy life. Sigh.........

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