Wednesday, March 26, 2003

How do you define friends? Yup, its another one of those talks again...... Hard to get got help these days. If you ever have a friend that you really can count on, then I envy you.

I think I going to discontinue posting sexy pic. I am getting old and time to repent my sins. I am wearing all green today.... look like Saddam's Al-Feedah (i think) army.

I am feeling quite low and down today. The only reason I come to work everyday is because of the money. The more I think of it, its ain't worth it. The money of course help alot, but the emotion and environment is priceless. Rather get a low pay but good productive working environment then a high pay but lousy environment. There is all a good and a bad side to this. Today I talk like this, tomorrow different.. sigh, just bare with me, my mood changes drastically.

Thats the main reason why I like working in a small firm. Working in Sony was nice too, but like a said, the management and the envirnoment sux. The bigger they are the lousier they get. Current environment is half lousy...... hahah......... weird. Need to go Citibank pay my bill. Due long time already. When can I quit this job and get a better oppurtunity? Pray hard for heaven to drop money from skies.....there was a talk of opening mamak shop during lunch yesterday.. someday I might just do that... hell I make more money there than I would ever here...........

Did I mention that I work part-time as a door opener here as well? Shit man...... I can't get rid of this position anywhere.. lelong also door opener, here also door opener.. sux man......! The worst part? I don't get paid for it .......hahaahahha! Life sux..........! Play hard.........

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