Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Road bully live in action!
I had a chance to watch a real live road bully in action in close up! In this case I don't know how is the road bully, judge for yourself.

I was in my friend's kancil (Kancil) heading back to Kelana Jaya. This incident happen at night on the Sprint highway. There was this wira aeroback (Wira) from the left lane was trying to cut in to our lane (middle lane). My friend didn't give way, probably because he was speeding and the gab in front was small. The Wira, i guess took it quite personally and started tailing the Kancil.

The Wira's driver was practically few inches an the left side to the kancil, almost knocking the car. I could see their faces and they all buat dunno aje. They were dangerously near to the car. My another friend in the front passenger seat took the steering lock and shouted at the Wira. At this moment, the Wira's friends arrived in another car Proton Saga. So at this point, the Kancil was squeezed between the Wira and Saga. Saga waved some hand signal, my friend was shouting and screaming. Kancil was now at snail pace, not letting the Wira pass. Somehow Kancil managed to corner the Wira and Saga. (Imagine that!)

Both of my friends got out and started shouting at those drivers. Wira and Saga, kept quite in the car with the doors locked and windows up. Most of the time, I was quite scared as the event unfolded. Apparently, another 2 cars arrived friends of Wira, and was told to get lost by Kancil. More shouting and yelling. Luckily nothing serious happened. So there was my Sat night experience. Very scary and was worried things will get out of hand. So ppl, drive more cautiously.

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