Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Hmm... what shall I write today?? Its Tuesday, almost middle of the week.. hmm.. traffic ok. Job sux as usual. Hmm..nothing interesting... oklah..i tell you my little unwanted guest storylah.... like this... you know those ghost stories you hear than humps on you at night thing? Makes you paralyze... well I don't know whether you are are believer or not.. I am......

The night before, I slept late. Around 3 AM. Couldn't sleep cause slept earlier the day. Somehow I heard this weird sound like a plastic bag being kicked around by wind. This sound was like swirling on top of my head. I was like half a sleep, trying to figure out what the hell was it. Then it took few seconds to figure it out. So I just ignored and went back to sleep hoping it would go away. I am usual quite afraid of this supernatural thing. The bloody thing didn't go away.

Suddenly I feel as if the bed sunken in like a heavy object on sitting on it. OK, now comes the paralyzes part. Now you gotta understand that this thing happens more than once to me. Usually I just pray and it will take sometime to go away. After that usually, I take my blanket and cover myself up, hoping for daylight. Now in this incident, I dahlah not enough sleep and this bloody thing is disturbing my sleep. So I was like quite pissed at that moment. I tried saying my prayers. My voice changed into a heavy eerie voice like that you see in exorcist. I swear this all happen and not making up stories.

Now... I am damn pissed, you make my paralyzes and now you changed my voice and you disturb my beauty sleep. I had enough of this. I am pissed with this! With fury, I open my eyes, I saw a dark hairy figure. I wanted to say another prayer then it disappeared. All this happen like 10-20 seconds and it was like an eternity. Yesterday night I sealed my room with prayers and waited for it. Didn't show up. The next time that idiot shows up, going to burn it alive.....or dead...... how do you kill a thing which is already dead?

Ok.. you may laugh now.. but I am telling the truth. Alright...enough of spooky stories... below is a pic of the group TATU.....enjoy. I will try to post a pic a day just about anything. Tell me in the tag board what you wanna see.. no hardcore porn okey?

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