Friday, March 21, 2003

I slept about 11 hours yesterday..... Came back home and had my tea then terus tido! Next thing I knew it was 6.30 AM. Wow... am I that tired? I am taking some health supplement lately and it causing havoc in my system. I am now easily agitated and moody. While driving, I feel like whacking the life out of the other drivers... yikes! Gotta stop taking stuffs.

Anyway... I think the end of world is near. It is mention in the prophecy about this World War III. I thought I wouldn't go through it.. now I am scared. Iraq will lose this war and Palestine will lose their land. Then the huge war will begin. This is all coming true...dammit....! No point of thinking about money/car/house when the end of world is near and there is no saying whether you will enter hell or heaven. Ohhh dear.........

Here is another interesting blogger Have a look.

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