Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Due to heavy request from my fans, I will post another story.

Well listen up boys and girls. This happened on Monday which was public holiday for the state of Selangor. As usual I have nothing better to do in my life than to roam around MidValley, so I headed there. I went into Shakeys for lunch. I know today was Monday thus Shakeys was giving out 30% discount on their pizza. While ordering I enquired at a very nice waitress about the 30% discount. She went back to her manager and asked about it and then she come back saying there will be no 30% discount!

Now, this is not right, MidValley in KL the last time I checked! I went up to the manager and asked. He mumbled something about "Our office is in Shah Alam". WTF! I don't care a shit were is ur office, ur pizza is not coming from Shah Alam. Of course I didn't say that all to him, I just nodded and went back. I was ready to file a complain on this branch and if necessary drag this @sshole to Consumer Court. Now its not about RM 9 that I am after, its taking consumers as fools. We are not idiots you see.

Still dissatisfied, as I was browsing at my free adVantage magazine, the last page had a coupon 30% discount for Shakeys. In that coupon it didn't mention anything about public holiday. Then I called the nice girl again and enquire about the coupon. She said she had to check with her manager again. I said, definitely ur boss isn't going to agree. So if this is the case, I am filling a complaint. She went up to her another boss, and the boss said OK. So I said how now? She said, I will give you the the discount. Now thats the right way! I smiled and enjoyed my 30% discount pizza. However bill was printed wrongly and I was given the correct bill from the girl later. I think she did a favour for me. I was quite sure that alot of ppl there didn't know about the 30% discount. I made sure I thanked her and left the Shakeys. Ppl...! Know your rights and stand by it. Too bad, consumer awareness in Malaysia is small.

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