Thursday, February 06, 2003

The traffic is back again! Those morons who disappeared into their kampungs has returned! Dang!
As I parked my car in the basement, I notice a lady laying face down
on her steering wheel. Hmm... almost instantaneously all kindda theories came into my mind. Is she having her monthly pain? Was she murdered? Gasp! Did her bf just broke up with her? Is she sick?
I waited for a few minutes, no movement from the car. Dang.... why does this kindda thing has to happen to me? I approached the vechicle with cautions. It was a Chinese girl perhaps mid 20s. I gently tap on her window, SHE BOUNCED BACK! Startled looking at me, Dang! I was scared as her. I said in slow motion, "ARE YOU OK?", she nodded, so I left. Probably she thought I was about to rob her or something. Another good deed for the day.

Now I am here, back into my pathetic cubicle and no one is around. Sigh...

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