Tuesday, February 18, 2003

OK, its official, I hate my job! This place sucks big time! Here goes my daily chronicals:-

1. Fight jam to work. Park in haunted basement and avoid eye contact with anyone by looking at the elevator screen. Quickly grab the free SUN paper then rush back into lift to my dungeon in level 7.
2. No one is around. On PC, make up in toilet, dang.. my shirt is all wrecked up. I wish I was wearing a T-shirt.
3. [omitted] each morning and it iritates me. My veins tends to pop up at this stage. Why can't they have their breakfast at home or shop like normal earthlings?
4. Avoid eye contact with all my cubicle mates by pretending to be busy.
5. Do stupid programme. Act smart at it.
6. Feeding time (Lunch hour), drag myself to the normal shop and see anyone is around.
7. Do stupid programme. Act smart at it. Occasionally fall asleep on the keyboard.
8. Look at clock, no battery ah? How come so slow wan? 5.30 PM. Pretend to work another 1/2 hour.
9. Fight jam to go back home.
10. Repeat 1-9 the next day.

This IT ppl here actually don't have much to do here. Their version of major IT crisis that can eventually crumble the company to debris is when someone can't send out an email. My, my... what a huge crisis? Bet can't even beat the Gulf War crisis! Either that, when someone requests for a new PC. Then they will unleash their mighty super secret skills to install Microsoft Office! Doink!! [Ganee banging his head against cubicle] Godddd!!! Help me outta here............! Another month of this I will be just like.... THEM! A geek with a mission to [ommited] and install Microsoft Office! Sigh......... Lisa, do you still have the resignation template?

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