Saturday, February 08, 2003

Man! Its Saturday and I am at work! I miss my 5 days work. My eyelids are heavy now...basement parking was virtually empty except a few cars. Anyway which dumb companies are working on saturdays nowadays? Furthermore this company working Sats are on 2nd and 4th Sat of the month, whereby 1st and 3rd is off. But so are the bank & gov office. How to do banking on Sats then if you're @ work? Dumb ain't it?

Yesterday visited my old buddies and met my ex-boss. Had some chat and it was fun. Compare to my current environment, [Omitted, I wrote something here but had to omit. Just found my collegue here know about blog arghhh!]. Well, you can't have the best of all. Sigh.. I wish I was still in Lelong..... Only advantage here is the "scenery" during lunch hour. There are alot of hot mamas around. A consolation for a pathetic Dilbert kindda guy.

Tonight probably going to see road block. Sat night usually racing night, but police usually have a road block. So its kindda fun seeing sports car being stopped and checked. Weird huh?

Yo! Please add your email address in my mailing list. I will sent you update on my life if your interested lah? But most probably I will sent out latest news in Malaysia, jokes and that kindda stuff. Talking about this, I have a corporate email address which is brand new. No one knows it, but within a week a received a spam. How did that happen? Don't worry I will not spam you.

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