Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I watched The Amazing Race 3 repeat yesterday. They were in Swiss and was given a flag of a country. They were asked to head to that country. Out of 5 or 7 groups, one 2 knew what country it was... it was MALAYSIA!! Arghhh! I thought we made huge progress and no one knows us. Then again, give me Tanzania flag and I wouldn't know what the heck it is!

I gotta thank Dr. M for making this country progress. At least those American is able to see KLIA, KLIA Express, Petronas Towers, LRT, our road, Komuter and shopping complexs. Imagine we didn't have Dr. M. These guys will land at old Subang Airport, hop on our old yellow black Gemini taxis and air conless Sri Jaya buses, 2 road lanes and NO PROTON! Argghhh! Thanks Dr. M!

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