Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fuming mad with McDonalds Kelana Jaya

I had my lunch around 3-4 PM. I was very hungry when I entered McD Kelana Jaya around 11.10 pm. This what happen:-
  • As I entered I notice the environment was rather hot. No air con?
  • Order my CFO and cheeseburger. I was told to wait for my cheeseburger.
  • So I paid and waited beside the counter.
  • Suddenly my cashier was changed with another person. My cashier went missing.
  • I don't know what time was it.. but i think it was around 11.15 PM.
  • I waited, waited and waited to be served. My cashier was still missing. 11.18 PM.
  • It was 11.25 PM. I was boiling inside. An hungry man is an angry man.
  • 11.26 PM, the new cashier notice I was waiting and ask what I was waiting for, I said cheeseburger. Then cashier shouted to the kitchen "cheeseburger!" and I didn't see any. Tak kan baru nak suruh buat?
  • I blew my top "HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING!!?", then she shouted back to the kitchen "cheeseburger!".
  • "IS THIS WANT YOU CALL FAST FOOD!!" - I shouted to them. Everyone stopped to look. Then my original cashier came running out, and miraculously my cheeseburger arrived!
  • While waiting, those Mat Rempit of McD Delivery was staring at me. So the customer is wrong?
  • Mistakes here?
    • I should have kept my cool, but I just couldn't contain it anymore. I was hungry and left there unattended. I got really pissed when they had to reorder my food.
    • My cashier went missing after taking my order.
    • The new cashiers didn't know my situation.
    • Why the original cashier didn't come back to attend to me or inform the new cashier that I was waiting?
    • Why was not I informed the time of the burger would be ready.
    • Why was I not given a drink and ask to sit down?
  • The best part I couldn't find any email or phone number in McDonald Malaysia website to file in a complain. So much for customer service and McD is an international brand.
  • I am going to lay off McD for a while.


Anonymous said...

Wah! susah-susah j/kuasa organise a party in TGI...siap dgn lagu...never mention also!

Ganee said...

alamak... relax lah brother...
I usually blog very slow one...


Anonymous said...

I had the similar experience with mcd old town, pj. Went in, was the 3rd customer lining up. The staff at the counter was really really slow. They will chatting to each other, laughing, and teasing each other. By the time I was served, almost 15 mins passed. 15 mins just to serve 2 customers in front of me?