Sunday, August 12, 2007

Insult on Islam and Country

Update on 15th August 2007
So, he apologises. Why no video? Was it sincere or due to pressure from Big G? You rapped in video and I want to see the apology in video!!

This is related to the "Negarakuku" rap video version of our national anthem sang by a loser in Taiwan. I didn't watch it, but after reading the lyrics I feel insulted that he sarcastically rapped about azan subuh. I got an advise for you, don't like the morning call, go and live Taiwan forever.

"However, Ong stressed on Saturday that the party would not tell the family if Wee had been right or wrong to make the video." - The Star

- I am more appalled that MCA is going to calm the matter and not ticking the father off. What nonsense? Tan Sri, why no police report on this?

"In Muar, DAP Youth chief Nga Kor Ming has invited Wee to join the party, saying that it did not find his "rapping" of the national anthem an insult.He said Wee was “very creative”, adding that the party could use his talent." - The Star

- Its not DAP needs him, its DAP need less people like you. What a dumb ass? You plan to rap thru the GE?

Our country Malaysia is multi-racial and multi-religion. All of us have to be tolerant and respect each other's religion and customs. I read another blog, a Chinese blogger who was annoyed that Muslims double park outside mosques on Fridays. Come one, go to Jalan Gasing on Saturdays, they double park in front of the church. But don't we all tolerate it?

I am one with the Government on this, extradite this moron back here and give him a lifetime imprisonment. Make sure his cell mate is a big burly gay guy who doesn't shower.

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Mahafiraun said...

Yes, equal treatment should be meted out. Even to the infamous Son-In-Law and the keris-waving moron.