Friday, July 04, 2003

Yesterday I was on leave... wahh... very siok ohh... had to settle my car, took the oppurtunity settle my saman/bills... blah blah.
So now I am still stuck at my old work place. I really have to thank God, cause my boss is on leave for 3 days, which is a real blessing cause I will not be bugged for 3 days. Now only waiting for the count down date... I have requested for early release and I am still waiting for it........ pls release me.....! I am bored and I don't have anything to do here... neither I plan to do anything.. just ease my torture and release me. I hope I am getting my message through......

I think Wed night, I was like a hired thug! hehehheh... me so skinny wanna be thug.. no ler just help my friend to retrieve a rented car, which the person didn't pay for 5 months. So waited infront of ppl's house till 12 midnight, till the neighbours there think we are robbers... sigh.. doing business is not easy.

There is still incoming hits about Canny Ong...... sigh... ok the suspect was brought to court yesterday to face charges on murder and rape. He pleaded not guilty as usual. Trust me, this kindda high profile cases usually the suspect will get life imprisonment or death by hanging. Either one. Will update as the case moves on.

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