Thursday, May 11, 2006

Out of Action

Arghh... the worst thing to happen to anyone training with weight.. INJURY. I sustain a wrist injury. Its been there for sometime but as the last workout, I think I went in abit aggressive. I had to see the doc after I notice the pain didn't go away and there was a clicking sound around the wrist area.

He slapped around bandage and told me to lay off weights for 2 weeks. That sux! Guys, injury sux and can set you back for sometime. So go easy and listen to your body. Now then, tomorrow is shoulder day.. hmm....


Jonz said...

Ouch... my shoulders used to bugged me alot as i've dislocated it 3 times in 4 years. Its been fine for 2 years now, since i've stopped ice hockey for that long.
Now i'm feeling a lil discomfort from my neck, i may have to watch it with the squats im doing, may have aggravated a small injury with it. Hope u get better soon dude. Dont miss trainin for too long.

Ganee said...

Watch out for the squats as well, it gave me knee and back injury. I know I wasn't doing the right form. Took off 1 year of squating.