Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fitness First Review - Menara Axis

Located across Asia Jaya LRT station. You can actually see the gym and the people inside if you pass by thru Federal Highway. The review :-

  • The best parking facility - Before 8 AM and after 6 PM, the parking is free.
  • Yeah, the dreaded 2 floor concept. Men locker room are upstairs and the ladies are same floor with the entrance.
  • Only few cute receptionist.
  • This place is quite huge. Ample of cardio equipment and most are new equipments.
  • 1 studio and 1 yoga room.
  • I love the free weight area here, its huge and all the machines are double here. 2 bench press, 2 smith machine, 7 work bench, tons of new equipments. Need to do tricep pulldowns? We have 10 machines... cool.
  • Ample space for abs workout.
  • People - hmm.... Recently the crowd has grown bigger. Chicks, OK lah, since I only workout at night, I miss out the working crowd.
  • Men locker room is big. No worries there.
  • Here, the instructors leave you alone, they don't try to pester you into PT.
  • This is my favourite gym!


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Anonymous said...

U serious abt this gym thing aren't u! Good for you.
As for me, my barber is using my bike!

Ganee said...

damn right i am... determined to lost my fat no matter what.

Barber? Who lah...

dailymuscle said...

Yeah the instructors here seem to be a decent lot. Locker room is big, but I was there last week at 8pm and there were no empty lockers!!

Ganee said...

yes, its kindda crowded here. Most people come here for the classes which is always jam packed.

Anonymous said...

Come and review FF IOI Mall. Everything's on the ground floor... hahaha.

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

What annoys me is when a machine breaks down here, it takes ages for them to rectify. Hmmm...they could also use more babes at the frontdesk. :-)

Ganee said...
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Anonymous said...

for all the fitness first menara Axis, i thank you all! Just hang in there I'm working on it.....

Stay fit and healthy,


Ganee said...


Annum said...

Why are there so many homos and gay boys in Fitness First? makes me feel uneasy when they stare at me, some even made seductive smile. Heyyyy .. I'm not gay lah !!!

Ganee said...

Honestly, I been in FF for few years now and I haven't met a single gay person yet.

You must be extremely good looking and I think I look like a frog.

Ohh well, enjoy the attention! :)

Anonymous said...

You are rite. Convenient place to use weight equipment. No more shy2 esp for ladies like me. I like Axis too.. I miss body jam crowd..esp kak Anita. Instructor for BC in Axis better than Consplant. I miss my BC class..but to bad since I already moved from Kerinchi to Shah Alam and work in Subang Jaya. Too reach there esp after work or even weekend seems impossible.