Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bali Trip

I am suppose to update on Day 2, but its has been sometime now that I have forgotten what I did. All I can remember now was that I had a bad food poisoning after Made Warung.
I remember getting up around 6 AM, my stomach was rumbling. After that the entire 2 days was gone and I spend most of my time in the loo.
On the 3rd, we transferred over to Bali Island Villa for 4D3N. I had to go to the clinic. The staff brought me to the clinic nearby and waited for me - very nice of them. The charge for some diarrhoea medicine - RM 200 ++! What a rip-off!
Below is the snippets of the entire trip:-
Day 2:-
  • Toilet
  • Massage in Samaya, was OK.
  • Seminyak Town - short lived journey
  • Toilet
  • A romantic beach side dinner. It was really nice eating by the beach and listening to the breaking of the waves. Check it out.

Beach Side Dinner

Beach Side Dinner


Day 3:-

Bali Island Villa's Pool

Bali Island Villa's Pool


Bali Island Villa's Living Room 

Bali Island Villa's Living Room

  • I initially choose Bali Island because of the pool, however I have since regret it. Samaya was much better. Hotel reviews are at the bottom of this post.
  • Dinner Cruise - Initially it was boring, since there were large group of Korean and Chinese people. The band sang songs dedicated for them which we didn't understand a thing. There is nothing much except for the boat leaving to the sea and eating buffet.
  • There were some interesting entertainment and my wife and me got invited to do some rather "erotic" game. Ohh God...
  • Finally we meet a large Malaysian group from Celcom - Apa khabar?
  • Towards the end, there were some sexy dance, see below.

Sexy dancers


Our Cruise Boat


Day 4:-

  • I have recovered from my food poisoning. I ask the villa's driver to sent me to Kuta Town. Remember, although not compulsory, but I had to tip the driver each time. My total tips for this trip cost me nearly few hundred Ringgit.
  • Kuta is full of people trying to make money out of you. We did manage to walk until Kuta beach and Hard Rock cafe. Its full of people. Reminds me of Pattaya.
  • We visited Tanah Lot and another temple (can't remember the name now). Tanah Lot is full of shops and you will need to bargain up to 50-70%. Good stuff.

The Temple


Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot

  • Once we return to the villa, I had a surprise waiting for my wife. A romantic candle light dinner beside the pool. Check it out! Ain't I romantic?

474 Candle Light Dinner by the Pool


Day 5:-

  • An interesting day. We had our breakfast in the villa. Sadly, the breakfast is disappointing. We were too spoiled in Samaya.
  • We had our massage in Tanah Merah Spa part of Bali Island Villa. In my years of getting massage, this is the best massage I ever had. It's not the spa, but the masseur. She was really good! I could feel my entire body went into deep state of relaxation.
  • Next was Uluwatu Tour and Kechek dance. On top of the hill, there is specatcular view of the ocean.

View from Uluwatu

View from Uluwatu Temple

  • I really enjoyed the Kechek / Kecak / Monkey dance. It's about a story of Rama and Sita taken from a small part of the Ramayana epic story of 50,000 lines. Audience were given the storyline ahead so we could relate the dance sequence with the story. I am big fan of history, so this excited me.

Kecak Dance Kecak Dance


The Kecak Dance Script

The Script


Fire Scenes

A fiery scene


Kecak Dance


Kecak Dance - Some comedy sketch

  • After the dance, we were ushered to Jimbaran Bay for some beach side seafood dinner. Yes, more dinner. Call me romantic, after all this is my honeymoon trip.
  • Due to darkness, this is the only valuable shoot that I could get.

Dinner at Jimbaran Bay

Beach Side Dinner at Jimbaran Bay

  • After the dinner, we come back to find the bedroom was flooded. Apparently there was a leak from the toilet and it spilled over to the bedroom.
  • Soon, we had an uninvited guess. Hermit the Frog, decided to have a beach party in my leaking toilet. Gosh...


Day 6:-

  • Time to go home. Before the airport, we stopped for a 2 hour spa treatment.
  • Could not compare against Tanah Merah, but we did have a pretty good spa treatment including body scrub. Place was nice and clean.
  • Back to airport, flight was delayed - nothing surprising.
  • I just couldn't wait to come back home and have a proper shower. Somehow I feel the showers in Bali are mixed with salt water.

It was a good trip however we didn't do any water sports activity at all. Maybe the next time but definitely in a group of friends.



For more reviews on the villas that I stayed which I have posted at, surf to the links below:-

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Marliana, said...

My name is Marliana from K. Lumpur, Malaysia.
I'm going to Bali soon, somewhere in late May until early June. Based on your blog, i feel like haunted to go there. Hehehe anyway, can you give me some tips in Bali? Since this is the first time I wanted to go there, I expecting beautiful moments at Bali. Most probably I'll stay at Sayang Maha Mertha Hotel, Jln Legian, Kuta.

Ganee said...


The very core of Bali is tourism, so don't worry too much about it.

Kuta/Legian - Party n shopping place.
Ubud - Cool, hilly and art place
Seminyak - slightly classy and quite place
Nusa - Upscale

Just plan, do your research and enjoy ur trip.

You can check out my hotel reviews here

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