Friday, September 14, 2007

Ramadhan 1428H

Puasa, apart from fasting is to control all other activities that will nullified your fasting. Lets see what happen on the first day of fasting
  • Early morning, I had to be part of a some gossiping. Luckily I left early. Minus point
  • Had to lie in the meeting that I was from a different company. Minus point ke?
  • Resist all temptation to look at sexy women.
  • While driving, resist all temptation to curse other drivers.
  • While crossing the road, a driver nearly ran over me. Had to resist to not show the middle finger.
  • All day, resist all negative thoughts about other people.
By end of the day, I am not sure how well I fared. Its a challenge to be a patient person in KL. But just to look at the situation, if this was not Ramadhan, boy, I would have collected quite number sins. How well did you do?

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