Sunday, December 25, 2005

The hunt for a Fitness Center

As for every new year, there is a new new year resolution to be made. This year, for me, there is one
I have been a Fitness First member for few years now and my shape has stayed pretty much the same. In fact I am about 3 months pregnant now... and I ain't no female. To cut the long story short, I am in a freaking bad shape and I have terminated my FF account.
So, the quest for a Fitness Centre begins! For full comparison of fitness center, please click to He has done a fantastic job on trying out all the gyms in Malaysia and I do not want to recreate the wheel. I just wish to complement his reviews.
The reviews on the gyms in my blog are purely for my own record keeping and I guess it might help a few of you to decide.
First Stop : Celebrity Fitness (24th December 2005)
In Short:-
  • Location : 1-Utama (Petaling Jaya)
  • Parking : RM 1 for first 6 hours, subsequent hours is RM 2. It kindda difficult to get parking during weekends and public holidays.
  • Operation hours : 6 AM - 12 AM.
  • Other branches : Indonesia, Subang Parade and Gurney Plaza (Penang).


  • Upon filling up a survey form, a sales lady brought my wife and me around for a tour.
  • The place is huge, kindda have a disco feel to it. Pictures? please refer to .
  • Changing room is spacious but the shower room is small than the one I was used to. Bring your own padlock.
  • Upon coming in you get 2 towels! I think it was the gym and shower towels.
  • Plenty of cardio equipments.
  • Can't remember whether there is free flow of drinks.
  • No VCD rental, who uses it anyway?
  • A huge place for classes. They have one interesting classes - Capoeira!
  • Free weight area - Kindda disappointing - the lowest dumbbell they had is 17.5 kg. Arghh..! They have about 5 benches, 2 Smith machines, I think 1 bench press and few other stuffs. I felt the area could use a bigger space.
  • Alots of exercise machine, the lady claims that all machine are customed for Asian.


RM 199 - Joining Fee
RM 99 - Processing Fee
RM 149 - Monthly Fee
3 years contract - RM 26XX. This translate to no joining fee and processing fee, and the monthly comes up to RM 70-75 per month.

RM 199 - Joining Fee
RM 99 - Processing Fee
RM 188 - Monthly Fee
3 years contract - RM 3141. This translate to no joining fee and processing fee, and the monthly comes up to RM 80-90 per month.

The promotion ends 31th December 2005. I guess you can cut the fees here and there, depends on your negotiation skills.

Final Review
The place looks good, clean and nice. The only thing troubling me is the location from my work and home, the parking and also the pricing. The free weight area looks abit off and there is where I will be most of the time. Kindda worried about the shower since your door is an unlock curtain. I like the operation hours and classes.

Next review - Fitness First. (Since Mun almost got sued, I guess I have to keep it either very positive or used the word "Censored").

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