Sunday, July 05, 2009

HTC Magic from Celcom Part III - Rooted!

Out of desperation, I had no choice but to flash my HTC Magic ROM. I went all over to mobile shops looking for help. No help.

Then I found out my friend @ebernie did something on Android as well. I chatted with him, and he was very resourceful in helping me source for my problem.

For those who are in my situation and bought HTC Magic from Celcom, here is what you can do to flash your ROM and make it a Android phone which is suppose to be, not just a dumb phone.

The instructions are here :-
* Just a note the step 10 - Rename to kindda wrong. It's suppose to be to

I did the step using the Mac, anyone on Mac, remember to use ./adb devices. Need to add ./ command. To download the fastboot, please download it here -

It was a pretty traumatic experience trying to flash the ROM. I was so nervous that it would have bricked my phone.

Successfully Rooted!

Now I have Gmail, Calendar, Contact all synced with Google App. It's awesome. Mails comes in as push mail. It's the perfect business solution that I wanted in the first place.

Shout out to @ebernie for your help.

A special note to Celcom and a female customer support person in SIS - UP YOURS...!

*Update on 9th July 2009

Sorry, once you have done the flash part, you will need to do 3G settings. For Celcom 3G settings, please visit this site -


Aditya said...

I am getting a

downloading 'boot.img'... FAILED (remote: not allow)

error when I try ./fastboot-mac boot daldroid-recovery.img

Any help on that?

Ganee said...

Have you enabled USB Debugging?

Is ur USB setting correct and connected? Did u see the device serial number?

I got a feeling it something to do with accessing your android from the PC.

Aditya Agarwal said...

I read something about my Hboot here

It says

Haykuro quote : "T-Mobile myTouch : 1.33.0006 and 1.33.0010 is the dreaded "perfected" SPL".
This means that it's currently not possible to run "fastboot boot image" on these SPL's, so don't try to flash them.

I have the 1.33.0010

Know any workaround? Thanks Pal

Aaron said...

That Jonathan Endersby dude from is a life saver la!

I almost gave up hope after purchasing my HTC Magic earlier this evening only to discover the most important features n apps could not be found. I mean who the hell wants stupid MS Exchange ActiveSync, didn't celcom figure out that the early adopters/buyers for the Magic would be heavy google apps users... sigh dissapointing.

Anyway I had some minor connectivity problems after I rebooted my Magic. I was basically disconnected from the 3G service, which I am correctly guessed was because the APN settings were gone. So just need to Settings->Wireless Controls->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names, and add a new APN. I only keyed in Name=celcom3g & APN=celcom3g. The rest I left blank and it still seemed to work ;)

Ganee said...

Aditya Agarwal - Sorry man, I can help you here much. I am stumped as well. Check out @ebernie, he might able to help you.

Aaron - My sentiment exactly! Yes, I forgot to mention about the APN settings. Let me update my blog.

Cheah said...

I got the same from celcom and did the update successfully. The only funny thing now is those SMS i received have a funny time. it stated half day late, e.g the sms was sent around 19:00 but it shown 11:48.

Ganee said...

Mine seems to be fine, except a few minutes delay in the time. So the SMS thread is not really accurate.

You might want to try ChompSMS and see if there is any difference?

Cheah said...

HTC just release a new ROM for upgrade. Now come with Google support but still no Market. the SlideMe included is for replacement of Market. Another new option now is can use the phone as a modem for PC and notebook. Great update.